1. The guarantee granted is valid for:
    1. 24 months for consumers and persons to whom the law grants analogous and absolute protection to the same extent as for consumers
    2. 12 months for other parties
  2. The guarantee is valid from the date of delivery of the goods. If the goods have been delivered in connection with an order placed with the seller, the date of delivery shall be the date on which the equipment was handed over by the carrier to the buyer or his authorised representative.

We take our obligations to supply you with quality equipment seriously, so by registering your device, through your distributor, in the SKANDI KRAFT® information system, we can quickly and clearly communicate information regarding the safe use of the device you have purchased. Each SKANDI KRAFT® device has an individual serial number, and therefore, in order to activate the warranty, it is necessary for the distributor to register the device data and the basic customer data in the SKANDI KRAFT® information system. A completed warranty card and a copy of the sales documents are required for warranty repair and warranty extension service.

Service requests

To make a service and warranty claim, please complete the SKANDI KRAFT® service form at www.skandi-kraft.com/serwis.

Warranty conditions

We guarantee that our products are free from defects in material and workmanship. However, if, during the warranty period, defects become apparent, you have the right – at the discretion of an authorised SKANDI KRAFT® service centre – to have the unit repaired or replaced free of charge. We reserve the right to amend the warranty conditions applicable in the future.

Warranty basis

Prerequisites for warranty entitlements are that the products are used in accordance with the SKANDI KRAFT® Operating Instructions, that the applicable instructions are followed, that maintenance is carried out in accordance with the information contained in the instructions, and that annual servicing is carried out by an authorised SKANDI KRAFT® service centre. Any warranty repairs may only be undertaken at authorised SKANDI KRAFT® service centres.

Damage resulting from accident, mishandling, improper installation, faulty or defective mains, carelessness, use of force, non-compliance with specifications and operating instructions, insufficient maintenance, damage by external factors, natural disasters or accidents, excessive loading of the products beyond the capacity and technical data specified in the operating instructions, unauthorised modifications, use other than for the intended purpose or submission of partially or completely disassembled devices to an authorised service centrewill render the guarantee null and void. Packaging and transport costs to the place of guaranteed repair are to be borne by the customer and are not covered by the warranty. SKANDI KRAFT® will bear the costs of shipping the device from the authorised service centre to the customer.

Limited Warranty

Non-recoverable software errors and mechanically wearable parts are not covered by the warranty (e.g. wire feed drive, wire feed rollers, spare and wear parts of the wire feeder, ground leads, electrode holders, ground leads, electrode holders, connection and extension leads, mains and control leads, plugs, spare and wear parts of torches, solenoid valves, wheels, coolant, etc.).

For all warranty details, please refer to the product’s warranty card.

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