SKANDI KRAFT® represents top quality equipment that’s rugged, high-quality, efficient and high-performance. We took our over 20 years of industry expertise to make a new brand of sleek ergonomic equipment based on sound design.

We used modern tech to simplify their operation and ensure that your welding is intuitive, whether at home or on the job. Our logo means simply – Designed by welders for welders.

SKANDI KRAFT® stands for high product quality, unsurpassed performance efficiency and easy functionality, as well as a commitment to protect the environment.


SKANDI KRAFT® was created out of a passion for welding. To us, welding should be available to all. Our line has operating modes for both beginners and experienced professionals. Our devices can be used for both DIY projects and on the job. Adjustable settings make them error-free for even the novice welder.

SKANDI KRAFT® stands for rugged quality, sleek efficiency and ergonomic design.

We Care About The Environment

Our impact on nature is important. We prioritize low-impact products and packaging made from biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. This allows you to repair rather than replace, ensuring smooth operations for your tools, machines, and businesses while preserving your most valuable resources.

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