Universal sorbents keep things tidy and safe, and are easy to use. They remove oil, water, fuel, grease and coolant spills. Convenient time savers, sorbents are ready for immediate use in the workshop, restaurant or workplace. The mat form is convenient to use and the set comes in a handy storage bag. The portable tote bag contains a full set: the mat, hose, gloves and bags, so you can focus on what’s most important.

Whenever the unexpected happens.

Who are universal sorbents for?

  • Do you run an auto garage or a workshop?
  • Do you have a restaurant or busy workplace?
  • Are you at risk of flooding new panels or flooring at home?
  • Does your factory use chemicals like acids, alkalis or solvents?
  • Does your home often get spills or mess from children or pets?
  • Do you own a leaky dishwasher or washing machine or is your parking area prone to motor oil stains?
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