Ecological oil sorbents are found in pro workshops, workplaces and restaurants where liquid substances such as oils, fuels, and greasy substances are often used. They don’t absorb water, so they can also be used on its surface to collect harmful floating  substances.

Up to 35 litres of absorbent capacity! Housed in a handy pack, they’re suited for immediate use in emergencies. The mats should be placed directly over the spill. The absorbent barrier hose should be positioned to prevent the substance from spreading. The hose is a recycled product, too! In addition, the oil sorbents kit includes gloves and bags for safe disposal.

Who are the ecological oil sorbents for?

  • Do you have a garage or workshop where you use oils or greasy substances?
  • Do you run a restaurant or busy workplace?
  • Do you care about the environment and want to get rid of hazardous substances safely?
  • Do you run a petrol station and have a problem with stained surfaces?

See the application of oil sorbents!

Check out these oil sorbents, buy them in advance to be able to use them at the right time!

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