ECOLOGICAL CHEMICAL SORBENTS can be used in labs, warehouses with chemical substances and workshops. They absorb water, oils, petroleum products, coolants as well as chemical substances (harmful and inert).

The set has been prepared for immediate use in case of need, e.g. breaking a beaker of acid.

With an absorbent capacity of up to 35 litres! Find out more!

The kit consists of absorbent mats in meltblown technology, which have very high absorbance due to the contact point bonding. In addition, the desiccant hose will help to stop the spread of substances over a larger area.

Who are chemical sorbents for?

  • Do you work in a chemical lab?
  • Do your employees use chemicals, acids and alkalis at work?
  • Do you work with dangerous substances, and care about the environment?
  • Do you have oils, coolants, or petroleum products in addition to chemicals in your workplace?

Discover why you need SkandiKraft chemical sorbents!

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