TIG Welding Torch
SR 26 Flex 8m


TIG Torch SR 26 Flex 8m

The SKANDI KRAFT TIG SR 26 Flex 8m WELDING TORCH is the perfect solution for welders who value quality, comfort and safety when working. With the Skandi Kraft torch you can be sure that all your welds will look professional and last for years.  The torch is ready to use, using common replacement parts that can be found in any welding equipment shop. The handle of the torch is ergonomic, which prevents wrist fatigue during prolonged work. The soft cord material allows the handle to be manoeuvred freely, which is particularly important when TIG welding.


The torch itself is equipped with a microcontroller, with which we can change the welding current parameters without having to go to the welder itself. This will be done with a robust, practical knob. This means we don’t have to waste time constantly walking away from where we are welding, which can be particularly useful when welding in hard-to-reach areas.

The torch pipe ( FLEX ) adds freedom to adjust the bending of the torch, making welding even more comfortable.

  • Ball joint for increased comfort and handle mobility,
  • 5-pin plug,
  • Gas-cooled torch,
  • TYPE21 gas quick-release coupling,


  • Current range [A]:0-180 ( DC ), 0-150 ( AC ),
  • Duty cycle [%]:35% ( AC ),
  • Recommended gas flow: 4-15L/min.

The torch comes complete with ‘starter’ consumable parts:

  • a set of 3 lenses that reduce gas consumption and allow precise distribution of shielding gas,
  • collets ( 3pcs ) adapted to the diameters of the tungsten electrodes included in the set. We have selected ( 3pcs) high quality “gold” electrodes, characterised by greater durability and stable arc,
  • porcelain nozzles ( 3pcs ) with additional insulator ( 1pcs ) adapted to the lens fittings,
  • long, medium and short plug – to be used depending on the location and accessibility where the joint is made.
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